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HAD 810
Automatic Plane-type Die Bonder
Cycle: 220ms
Compatible with IC frames


1.        Linear motors design enables the application of double adhesive-dispensing bond heads.
2.        High-precision linear driving die bond tieback, voice coil torsion loop controls die bonding pressure accurately.
3.       High-precision die-platform search system, servo motor drive die-angle correction system, equipped together with an automatic film expansion system.
4.        A separate dispensing control system is used to have a precise control over the glue-dispensing amount.
5.        Vacuum die missing testing technology is adopted.
6.        IPC will control the equipment, simplifying the equipment operation with user-friendly interfaces.

Specifications and Parameters

1.Production Cycle 4.Die Bonder’s Swing Arm-and-hand system
Production Cycle 220ms (depending on chip size and bracket) Die Bonder Swing Arm 150mm linear motor reciprocate die bonding
Accuracy ±0.6mil ±0.015mm Die Bond Pressure 20g-250g (Adjustable)
Accuracy (Up-look inspection)  ± 1mil ±0.025mm 5.Suitable Holder Size
Die Rotation  ± 1°
2.Chip XY Table Length 110mm ~ 280mm
Chip Dimensions 5mil×5mil-100mil×100mil

(If utilizing glue-disk dispensing way, given the die is lesser than 12mil)
Width 25mm ~ 110mm
Max. Angle Correction 360° 6.Facilities Needed
Max. Chip Ring Size Outer Diameter: 296mm
Inner Diameter: 254mm
Voltage/Frequency 220V AC±5%/50HZ
Max. Chip Area 205mm (expanded) Compressed Air 0.5MPa£®MIN£©
Resolution 0.04mil  (1μm) Rated Power 1820W
Thimble Z Height Travel 80mil£®2mm) Gas Consumption 5L/min
Suitable Iron ring/ wafer
Standard Equipped with 10Iron Ring and 8Wafer
Compatible with 8Iron Ring and 6Wafer
3.Image Recognition System Suitable Barrel Spec. Standard Equipped with 10CC
(Compatible with 5CCand 3CC)
Image Identification 256 grayscale 7.Volume and Weight
Resolution 656 x 492 pixels Length x Width x Height 205 x 135 x 190cm
Image Recognition Accuracy ±0.025mil@50mil
observation range
Weight 1800kg


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