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HAD 308
Plane-type High Speed Die Bonder
Cycle: 80ms
Compatible with SMD, COB, Diodes, Flip-chip, etc.
1.      Internationally leading double die-bonding, double adhesive-dispensing and double die-searching system.
2.      Linear motor is applied to drive bond head.
3.      Linear motor will drive the die to search corresponding platform(X/Y) and corresponding loading platform (B/C).
4.      Crystal frame automatic correction chip structure.
5.      Programmed control constant-temperature adhesive dispensing system is also applied.
6.      Vacuum die missing testing technology is adopted.
7.      Loading by free-loading magazine with paper suction function (eliminate the frame release paper), to largely improve the production efficiency.
8.      IPC will control the equipment, simplifying the equipment operation with user-friendly interfaces.
9.      Sophisticated equipment will help improve your enterprise’s production efficiency and reduce relevant costs so as to provide effective guarantee and enhance the enterprise’s competitiveness.
10.  Precise die bond location and excellent compatibility will guarantee the back-end processing.
Specifications and Parameters
1. Production Cycle 4. Die Bonder’s Swing Arm-and-hand system
Production Cycle 80ms (depending on chip size and bracket) Die Bonder Swing Arm 90° Rotatable Die Bond
Accuracy ± 1mil (±0.025mm Die Bond Pressure 20g-250g (Adjustable)
Die Rotation ± 5. Loading Workbench
2. Chip XY Workbench Range of Stroke 300mm*75mm
Chip Dimensions 5mil×5mil-80mil×80mil
XY Resolution 0.02mil (0.5μm)
6. Suitable Holder Size
Max. Angle Correction ± 15° Length 145mm ~ 300mm
Max. Chip Ring Size 8″/210mm (Outer Diameter) Width 40mm~ 75mm
Max. Chip Area 6.5″/165mm (Expanded) 7. Facilities Needed
Resolution 0.04mil  (1μm) Voltage/Frequency 220V AC±5%/50HZ
Thimble Z Height Travel 80mil (2mm) Compressed Air 0.5MPa (MIN)
Rated Power 950W
3. Image Recognition System Gas Consumption 5L/min
Image Identification 256 grayscale 8. Volume and Weight
Resolution 656 x 492 pixels Length x Width x Height 175 x 125 x 185cm
Image Recognition Accuracy ± 0.025mil@50mil
Observation Range
Weight 1470kg

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