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Plane-type High-speed Die Bonder
Cycle: 60ms
Compatible with solder-paste printed SMD optocoupler, etc.
1.      International leading double die bond and double die searching system;
2.      Linear motor is applied to drive bond head;
3.      Linear motor will drive the die to search corresponding platform(X/Y) and corresponding loading platform (B/C);
4.      Automatic chip theta alignment system is applied on the Crystal frame;
5.      Vacuum die missing testing technology is adopted;
6.      Automatic up & down crystal rings and automatic inspection conveyor system is applied to improve the production efficiency largely;
7.      IPC will control the operation of equipment, simplifying the operation of automation equipment;
8.      Sophisticated equipment will help improve your enterprise’s production efficiency and reduce relevant costs so as to provide effective guarantee and enhance the enterprise’s competitiveness;
9.      Precise die bond location and excellent compatibility will guarantee the back-end processing.
Specifications and Parameters
1. Production Cycle 4. Die Bonder’s Swing Arm-and-hand system
Production Cycle 60ms (depending on chip size and bracket) Die Bonder Swing Arm 126° Rotatable Die Bond with double arms
Accuracy (with die correcting feature) ± 1mil (±0.025mm) Die Bond Pressure 20g – 250g (Adjustable)
Die Rotation ± 5. Loading Workbench
2. Chip XY Workbench Range of Stroke 100mm*300mm
Chip Dimensions 5mil×5mil-80mil×80mil
XY Resolution 0.02mil (0.5μm)
6. Suitable Holder Size
Max. Angle Correction 360° Length 150mm ~ 300mm
Max. Chip Ring Size 6” - 7” Width 50mm ~ 100mm
Max. Chip Area 4” (101mm) - 5” (127mm) 7. Facilities Needed
Resolution Ratio 0.04mil  (1μm) Voltage/Frequency 220V AC±5%/50HZ
Thimble Z Height Stroke 80mil (2mm) Compressed Air 0.5MPa (MIN)
Rated Power 1000W
3. Image Recognition System Gas Consumption 5L/min
Image Identification 256 grayscale 8. Volume and Weight
Resolution 656 x 492 pixels Length x Width x Height 192 × 85 ×180cm
Image Recognition Accuracy ± 0.025mil@50mil
Observation Range
Weight 1250kg

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